Blistering Disease

Blistering Disease

Blistering Diseases are autoimmune bullous disorders that include:

  • Mucous membrane pemphigoid
  • Pemphigoid gestationis
  • Epidermolysis bullosa acquisita
  • Linear immunoglobulin A disease
  • Pemphigus foliaceus

Bullous pemphigoid (BP) is the most common type of blistering disease and is characterized by blisters, sores, and crusts on the skin.

Source: 1. Cleveland Clinic

Blistering Diseases are autoimmune disorders that are contracted or genetically inherited by individuals. It occurs more frequently in people over the age of 60 and can be contacted via drug interactions.

  • Pre blistering: itchy skin
  • Hard to rupture blisters especially in skin creases and folds
  • Rash around blisters
  • Accompanying mouth blisters or sores

If you experience any of the above symptoms in combination, have unexplained, hard-to-heal blisters, or blisters on your eyes, seek medical care immediately.
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