Lipomas smart skin dermatology
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A lipoma is a soft lump just under your skin made of fat cells. It grows slowly between the skin and muscle. It is not cancerous. Lipomas can grow anywhere on your body where there are fat cells.


Lipomas tend to run in families. If someone you’re related to has lipomas, you have a greater chance of lipoma growth. Lipomas are rare in children. They usually begin growing in middle age.

The cause of lipomas is unknown. However, obese individuals and people with diseases such as diabetes, high blood cholesterol, and some inherited disorders may be at higher risk of developing lipomas.

Lipomas feel doughy and do not hurt to touch. A lipoma is not hard and you may be able to move it with your fingers. There is no color change to the skin.

The size and body location can vary, but the neck, shoulders, chest, thighs, arms, and back are common locations. There may be several lipomas growing at the same time, but usually, people develop one or two at once.

Sometimes a lipoma may grow in a location on your body that makes you uncomfortable, such as on your face or near a bundle of nerves. A medical professional can remove a lipoma if its growth is bothering you.

If the lipoma is growing very fast, does not move to your touch, seems deeper than just under your skin, or causes you pain, see your doctor make sure you actually have a lipoma.

If your lipoma is uncomfortable, you and your doctor may decide to remove it. A very small incision is made over the lipoma, and the entire lipoma can be removed through the small opening.